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Requirements for Admission

Graduates of "Health Education" programmes of Vocational and Technical High Schools are directly apply for registration. Other secondary school graduates must pass a nation-wide Student Selection Examination


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Obtained Title

Undergraduates have a job title of "Occupational Health and Safety Technician"..


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Program Outcomes

A - Being able to explain the legislations of occupational health and safety
B - Being able to identify threats
C - Being able to perform risk analysis operations
D - Being able to monitor and control the working area for occupational health and safety
E - Being able to arrange the progresses of investigation and research
F - Being able to arrange the progresses of work planning and organization
G - Being able to arrange the education progresses of occupational health and safety
H - Being able to arrange the progresses of periodical controls about occupational health and safety
I - Being able to perform and coordinate emergency activities
J - Being able to perform registration and reporting activities
K - Being able to organize various activities about personal evolutions
L - Being able to obtain specific informations for various industries
M - Being able to organize the studies on fire protection and fire fighting
N - Being able to describe the threats of chemicals and make related risk analyses

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Major Programs

Course Schedule


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Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Occupational Health and Safety Center
Turkish Medical Association


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