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Requirements for Admission

Graduates of "Electric, Construction, Construction Technology, Construction Equipments, Maintenance of Construction Equipments, Operator of Construction Equipments, Chemistry, Chemical Technologies, Machinery, Machinery Technologies, Motor Vehicle Technologies, Engine / Engine (Gas) / Engine (Diesel)" programmes of Vocational and Technical High Schools are directly apply for registration. Other secondary school graduates must pass a nation-wide Student Selection Examination.


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Obtained Title

Undergraduates have a job title of "Civil Defense and Fire Fighting Technician".


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Program Outcomes

A - Being able to use fire fighting tools and equipments and make their basic maintenances
B - Being able to describe the administrative structure and related legislations of fire organizations
C - Being able to describe fire classes and specific threats, and interefere in fire with suitable extinguishing material and method
D - Being able to explain extinguishing materials, chemical contents and application areas
E - Being able to make research to determine the cause of fire, collect and evaluate the evidences
F - Being able to organizing rescue operations by means of rescuing tools and equipments
G - Being able to define, project and apply the precautions for fire safety at inside and outside of the buildings
H - Being able to define the natural (sea, lake, river etc.) and non-natural (storage tank, hydrant etc.) water sources and draw sketches that is showing these sources
I - Being able to make fire fighting organizations for various typer of fires
J - Being able to make and manage organizations in disasters and emergency conditions
K - Being able to have important qualifications such as physical adequacy, morality, honesty and respect and give trust to people L - Being able to describe hazards and intervention methods of chemicals

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Major Programs

Course Schedule



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NFPA - National Fire Protection Association


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