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Requirements for Admission

Students may register Kocaeli University İzmit Vocational School Local Municipalities program after graduating from occupational and technical secondary education. A quota of 60 for the first education and 60 for the second education is available. Also, vertical transfer is available. For more information please check Kocaeli University, Associate Degree and Bachelor of Education and Examination Regulations and the relevant provisions of an agreement approved. University students who study a corresponding field may also apply for a horizontal transfer to our program


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Obtained Title

Upon successful completion of Associate Degree program the student is a graduate of Local Municipalities. If the graduate is successful on the exam by ÖSYM, s/he is able to transfer vertically to the related programs of ÖSYM. Students may also continue their education through the related programs of the programs of Open Education (Açıköğretim) without having to pass an examination


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Program Outcomes

A - Knows the operations of the municipal administrations
B - Acts according to legal responsabilities
C - Knows the management functions
D - Analyses the economic environment
E - Discusses the political issues
F - Performs operations on public finance
G - Proposes solutions to local problems
H - Knows global structuring


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Major Programs

Course Schedule


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Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Local Administrations Portal
Local Administrations Portal of Turkey
Governorship of Kocaeli


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